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import sys
import os
import urllib
import urllib2

from RapacheCore import Shell

class Apache2():

    def __init__(self):
        self.server = "localhost"

    def get_status(self):
        # -1 no ssh connection, 0 not running, 1 service started, 2 can get an http connection
        #TODO: ssh
        if not self.is_running():
            return 0
        if not self.is_reachable():
            return 1
        return 2   

    # is service running
    def is_running(self):
        # Check if python2 is running
        returncode, output, error = Shell.command.execute(["pidof", "apache2"])
        return len(output.strip()) > 0
    # is http reachable
    def is_reachable(self):
            p = urllib2.urlopen( "http://" + self.server )
            info = p.geturl()
            return True
        except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
            # if we got an error code from the server then its running
            return True
        except urllib2.URLError, e:
            # http error assume we could not connect
            return False

    def start(self):
        Shell.command.sudo_execute(["apache2ctl", "start"])
    def stop(self):
        #Shell.command.sudo_execute(["apache2ctl", "-k", "graceful"])
        Shell.command.sudo_execute(["apache2ctl", "stop"])
    def restart(self):
        Shell.command.sudo_execute(["apache2ctl", "graceful"])
    def test_config(self):
        returncode, output, error = Shell.command.sudo_execute(["apache2ctl", "-S"])
        error = error.strip()
        return error.endswith("Syntax OK"), error
    def enable_site(self, path):
        Shell.command.execute(["a2ensite", path])
    def disable_site(self, path):
        Shell.command.execute(["a2dissite", path])    

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